Bebe Ashley I've Missed This Place


Bebe Ashley

I've Missed This Place (2022)


About the Residency

Belfast Book Festival 2022 invited Bebe Ashley (and her 3D printer) to be based in The Crescent Arts Centre Café where she used words and lines suggested by festival audiences to create a new poem; Bebe coded and printed into Grade One Braille, and has kindly donated the work to The Crescent; 

The swifts swirl and swoop as the sun sets. 

It is a night of new ideas and people with books 

are making conversation with other people with books. 


In the café, somebody is tying their jazz shoes 

and somebody else is taking notes on the longing 

of a spotlight surging across an empty stage. 


There is enough time for coffee and cake to collide, 

enough time for the green room to blossom, to bloom.

Enough time to make somebody standing alone feel welcome. 


Bebe's project, Confetti, was been funded by the Arts Council Northern Ireland and Future Screens NI as part of the Digital Evolution Awards.


About the Artist

Bebe Ashley lives in Belfast. Her work is most recently published in bath maggPoetry Ireland Review, and Modern Poetry in Translation. Her debut collection Gold Light Shining was published by Banshee Press.

In 2021, Bebe was longlisted for the Ivan Juritz Prize for Creative Experiment and awarded a Chair of Ireland Poetry Trust Award. Most recently, Bebe was selected as one of nine artists to receive a Digital Evolution Award in support of a project Confetti that explores poetic potential of Braille and 3D printing.

For more information about Bebe and her work visit;

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