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Poetry Jukebox

Twenty contemporary poets present new poems projecting 100 years into the future.

In the context of our turbulent present – the centenary of partition, the climate crisis, and our troubled modern world – Quotidian commissioned twenty of our finest and most innovative poets to project their vision one hundred years into the future; the result is AMBIGUITIES.

Poets in this special Poetry Jukebox edition include Conor Cleary, Anna Loughran, Annemarie Ní Chuirreann, Cathal Póirtéir, Charles Lang, Mel McMahon, Cherry Smyth, Kerri Ní Dochartaigh, John Kelly, Nandi Jola, Linda McKenna, Susannah Dickey, Jess McKinney, Emily Cooper, Gerald Dawe, Allan Gillis, Scott McKendry, Sacha White, Paul Maddern and Siobhan Campbell.

Quotidian – Word on the Street, Centre Culturel Irlandais, Crescent Arts Centre, and Poetry Ireland.

Poetry Jukebox are Changing the Message! Located in the Cresent's Garden, they want to share beautiful, profound and life-arming words and change the words on our streets, opening hearts and minds, putting poetry to work where it belongs: everywhere, for everyone.

Poetry Jukebox is an international project founded by OndÅ™ej Kobza, a Prague-based cultural activist focused on the animation of public space and ways of making cities more liveable for the people that live in them.

He created a steel structure, deliberately styled to bring to mind a gramophone or speaking trumpet, with a button to press for anyone to hear a poet read their own poem, anytime, free gratis and for nothing.

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