Jack Monroe

Date Tuesday 11 June 2019
Time 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Price£12 | £10
VenueThe Black Box


In Conversation with Elizabeth Nelson


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Jack Monroe


A food writer, a journalist and a tireless, fearless campaigner, we’re delighted to welcome Jack Monroe to the Belfast Book Festival.

Jack isn’t just another “celebrity chef”. If you’ve ever struggled to make a dish because the recipe calls for an exotic ingredient you’ve never heard of, or “just a pinch” of some wildly expensive spice that could cover the cost of most of your weekly shop, then Jack’s Tin Can Cook, is the recipe book for you.

Jack does away with the effort; all her dishes are exciting and new, but you won’t have to look further than your local supermarket to make them.

Join us at The Black Box where Jack will be in conversation with Elizabeth Nelson, talking about why it is that a cookbook such as Tin Can Cook is not only timely in this continuing age of austerity but what it says about the society in which we live in, that a recipe book like this, to so many people in Britain today could prove to be an essential addition to their kitchen.  

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