Reimagining Global Abortion Politics

Date Monday 10 June 2019
Time 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
PriceA Free Event
VenueThe American Bar



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Reimagining Global Abortion Politics

Current Affairs

Fiona Bloomer and Claire Pierson

In Conversation with Elizabeth Nelson

What are the contemporary global issues in the politics of abortion?

Why do people in different countries have varying levels of access to abortion?

These are the key questions posed by Fiona Bloomer, Claire Pierson and Sylvia Estrada Claudio in their new book Reimagining Global Abortion Politics, which looks at abortion around the world.

Join Elizabeth Nelson in conversation with Fiona and Claire as they talk about what motivated them to write the book and the global trends in abortion politics, including societal influences, such as religion, nationalism and culture, the impact of international human rights’ norms, the role of activists and the growing focus on reproductive justice.



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