David Nihill: Do You Talk Funny?

Date Wednesday 13 June 2018
Time 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Price£8 | £6

7 Comedy Habits to Become a Better (and Funnier) Public Speaker

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David Nihill: Do You Talk Funny?


In one year, David Nihill went from being deathly afraid of public speaking to hosting business conferences, regularly performing stand-up comedy, and winning storytelling competitions in front of packed houses. And he did it by learning from some of the best public speakers in the world: stand-up comics.

In Do You Talk Funny? Teaches the key principles of stand-up comedy and how they can be applied to your speaking engagements and presentations to make you funnier, more interesting, and better looking (or at least two of the three).

Whether you are preparing for a business presentation, giving a wedding toast, defending your thesis, raising money from investors, or simply want to take on something you’re afraid of, David will take you from sweaty to stage-ready.

David has worked with companies like Google, Techstars, Summit, Stanford and Samsung and is always engaging, entertaining and sought after. His book is one of the highest rated in the world on it's topic and details how to get over a fear of public speaking he pretended to be an accomplished comedian from Ireland on tour in America for one full year.

Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, David is the author of the best-selling book Do You Talk Funny? and the Founder of FunnyBizz Conference. His work has been featured in Inc., Lifehacker, The Huffington Post, Fast Company, Entrepreneur,Forbes, NPR, The Wall Street Journal, The Irish Times and the Irish Independent.

“One of the best speaking coaches out there” according to Forbes.com, David’s program with over 29,000 students has also been featured by Prezi as one of the best training courses for presenters. His book remains one of the highest rated in the world on the (usually not so wildly exciting) topic of public speaking, and his content has been read by over one million people.


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