Irish Pages Launch: "Criticism" (Vol 10, No 1)

Date Saturday 16 June 2018
Time 6:30 PM - 7:30 AM

From Begrudgery to Hyperbole: On Recent Irish Fiction 

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Irish Pages Launch: "Criticism" (Vol 10, No 1)


In this lively new issue, in addition to literary criticism of the traditional variety, there was a particular focus on the critical spirit in all genres, whether non-fiction essays, literary journalism, memoir, travel writing, poetry, fiction or other work of imaginative distinction.

By “Criticism,” both the brandy of praise and the poteen of critique were meant. Following the journal’s usual procedure, some of the work included was independent of the cover title. The resulting issue is particularly strong on the current situation in Europe, climate change and ecological themes, reflections on poetry, and Irish fiction.

With readings and discussion by or from Patricia Craig, David Park, Kerry Hardie and Chris Agee, enjoy a glass of wine and join Irish Pages as they launch their latest issue of one of Ireland’s most esteemed literary journals.

From “Irish Fiction in Three Acts” by Patricia Craig

“…Not only, it seems, has a new wave of fiction burst upon us, but a change of tone has overtaken its reception. Dublin, once famous for begrudgery, has now performed a volte face and opted instead for hyperbole. It’s almost as if a network of support for new creative writing has come into being, involving social media, publicity departments, newspaper reviewers and so forth. One result of this is excessive promotion for some titles …”

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