Raoul Martinez: How to create freedom!

Date Friday 08 June 2018
Time 8:00 PM - 9:15 PM
Price£8 | £6
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Raoul Martinez: How to create freedom!

Current Affairs

Join philosopher, artist and filmmaker Raoul Martinez as he exposes the mechanisms of control that pervade all of our lives.His powerful book, Creating Freedom, questions our very understanding of the meaning of freedom.

Joined by Francesca Martinez, Raoul will explore the limits placed on our liberty by human nature and society, and expose the myths at the heart of our economic, political, and criminal justice systems.

Martinez argues that the more we understand the limits on our freedom, the better placed we are to transcend them.

Fierce, scholarly and profoundly hopeful, Raoul will present his radical and compelling manifesto for the future daring us to think imaginatively, to open our eyes to the great potential for change that exists and, most importantly of all, to do something about it.

VenueThe Crescent

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